A brief biography…

Born in State College, Pennsylvania in 1977, Sarah Wichlacz spent most of her youth in Idaho Falls, ID, where her family moved in 1984. Sarah received a BFA in Photography (1999) and a BA in Graphic Design (2001) from the University of Idaho. Her work was marked by an interest in the narrative potential of photography and mixed-media artwork as well as a combination of research, critical theory, and experimentation. Her undergraduate career was also marked by exceptional efforts in tutoring and mentoring fellow students, eventually assisting in larger courses and teaching regular, independently planned and conducted class sessions.

In 2002 Sarah enrolled at the State University of New York to pursue an MFA in Photography. During her MFA studies, Sarah taught several sections of Intro to Digital Photography and further developed her skills as a digital photographer, working to design new digital darkroom facilities and managing the large-format print service. Sarah received her MFA in 2004, her studies culminating in The Name Game exhibition at the Carnegie Art Center, North Tonawanda.

Sarah taught Photography at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania before moving to the Washington DC where she currently teaches Photography at Art Institute Washington DC.

Sarah is still married to Shawn Rider, and her dog, Janis is rather old and smelly. In her spare time she is an avid reader of nonfiction (especially histories and science), addicted to the 24 hour news cycle, and often found playing videogames or working a crossword puzzle.