A New Homepage

I’m trying out this new, more blog style homepage - I hope it gets me to be more active on the web.


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  1. 1 sarah

    love this…

  2. 2 sarah

    things are really going now…

  3. 3 Aunt Needles

    I decided to see what you were up to these days. I was most interested in the Love Canal project. I worked ‘on’
    Love Canal, the school year 1959-60, at the 99th Street
    School, an elementary school. I was there every Wednesday teaching art. The school was quite new then and most of the children had recently moved to the neighborhood from slum areas in downtown NF.

    I could never understand why the school, which had much clear land around it, was surrounded by mud. It was a big problem keeping the school floors clean, especially on rainy or snowy days, as the students alway ran across it.
    It was at least 20 years later when I learned that the area was polluted and that is why nothing, not even weeds, grew there. It was just one full block of mud. I wish now I had taken a picture of it but the image is clearly in my memory.

    I did use clay with the students which I had to dig out of a large garbage can that had been acquired before I arrived. I often thought about that and hoped that it was truly commercially-obtained clay.

    Good luck with the project.


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