Inkjet Printing Lessons from Joel Meyerowitz - PopPhoto - May/June 2006

This is not so much of a lesson in digital printing, it’s more a testimonial really. But Meyerowitz has me sold on the HP Premium Plus Satin inkjet printing paper. He says it has six layers and has some sort of nanotechnology that causes the hot ink to move through onto the lower layers. Yikes.

I swore off HP printers after working at the UI PEI (a digital Print shop) back in 1999. We ran a large HP Designjet 2500cp Inkjet. Of course I made a ton of prints for myself on it; but the black ink turned green after a short amount of time in UV. I eventually made the move onto Epson printers, but frankly I’m not entirely impressed with the 2200 or 10000 (or any of the cheaper models I’ve worked on.) After reading this article I’m ready to give HP another try.

Designjet 130 The White Road Midafternoon/Furled Cloud (Winter 1992)

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